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Toyger Kittens For Sale

Is Important To Know What People Say About Us!

A big thanks to all those who take their time to write about us, we are very grateful, it’s been a wonderful pleasure working with you guys. 

 I was truly impressed from start to finish with the adoption process. You kept me informed of the goings on and worked with my schedule on the flights.
Tony has been a refreshing addition to our family. He is patient with my three-year-old and as snugly as a bug in a rug. We adore him and are beyond pleased with his demeanor, markings, and development over the past few weeks. We can’t wait to see what he looks like once he’s fully grown.”

Thank you!
Dransfield family

toyger kittens for sale

 Zazu loves to cuddle with us and we adore him so much! We loved your hospitality and your Cattery set up so we will consider getting a friend for Zazu next year from SouthPaw!”

Carley & john, NY

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 I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new kitten Jasmine. She is the most well-behaved cat I have ever been around. We’re best friends and she’s growing like crazy!
Thank you so much.
Katie & Rod, Canada

We have had the honor to purchase a Toyger Cat for a Toyger Cat Cattery she flew to us and we were ready and expecting the worst on such a long flight,
our little girl is amazing, she is this confident loving and sweet little goddess that could not be anymore perfect! I recommend Toyger Cat Cattery! looked at many breeders and i am so glad we went with these guys!
from Cindy

toyger kitten price

Hobbes is doing really well. She loves watching me cook in the kitchen and following me around the house. She always talks to us and is such a cuddle bug. She loves to play and all my friends say she is the best little kitty ever! Hobbes LOVES to pounce on Bill when he is sleeping. She thinks it’s the funniest thing ever to scare him (and so do I). Even though Bill is a little sleep deprived he thinks she is great. She is a wonderful addition to our family and I miss her so much when I have to go to work.
Olga, Westbrook

We have purchased the most wonderful kitten from Toyger Cat breeder and their Cattery . She is beautiful and marked wonderfully. The greatest thing is her personality. She has the most sweet disposition. I would recommend this Cattery to everyone. If I ever got another Toyger this is where I would get it from!”
Pablo, CA

how much are toyger cats,

Joia is doing so well here. We love her to pieces and she is the best cat!! Loving, playful, sassy, chatty and curious. It’s obvious she came from a very caring breeder.
Heather, CA

Archer is super affectionate, very playful and loving. Thanks for raising and sharing such an amazing boy!”
jones & Susan Ross, Scituate, MA

Toyger kittens for sale

 “Mushu is doing fantastic.  We love him so much!
Thank you so much for you and your amazing heart for this breed.”
Megan and Clinton, Miami, FL

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We are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association), and licensed with U.S. Fish and Wildlife. For the health of our toyger cats and kittens, we only work with USDA accredited veterinarians.  We strive to provide our clients the best quality kittens and professional services.



Address: 106 Willow Rd, Elliston, MT 59728

We are the #1 Top Quality Toyger Cat Breeder in north decoder. We are dedicated to breeding only top quality toyger cats for sale and adoption.

We are recognized worldwide for our top quality Toyger cats and kittens, and our services are professional.