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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toyger Cats & Kittens

Toyger Kittens typically range from $1500 and up depending how close they are to the Toyger Breed Standard. The average price for our champion bloodlines (excellent markings, coloring and temperament) is between $1500 and $1800. Show quality (the best examples of the breed) can be over $2,000.

Kittens are evaluated for final pricing at 10 weeks of age. This is because Toyger kittens are born grey with black markings with a very “fuzzy” appearance. Photographs are very difficult to take and do not represent what the kitten will look like. It takes a Toyger up to 8 months to fully develop their coat and stripes. So, pictures can absolutely be provided, however they won’t represent their future appearance.

My Toygers are fed only Royal Canin® cat food, which is one of the best kitten/cat foods available.  It has no preservatives and has the highest quality of ingredients.  Royal Canin® also helps build a strong immune system and beautiful coats.

Toyger kittens can come home one they are 12 weeks, once their spay/neuter is complete.

We do ship to any airport within the United states and also worldwide ok, we use one of the best contracted Airlines we have been dealing with for over the years. Shipping is an additional $150 for airline tickets/crates/health certificate, etc. We can also provide delivery service, which is when the kitten travels in the cabin with the “delivery” person. you can contact us for more details.

you can fill in our contact form with details of your chosen kittens you’re interested in from our available kittens on our site and send to us and we shall get back to you ok, but also We typically have a waiting list for kittens, but you can be added to the waiting list by contacting us and we will provide a deposit form and further instructions. The deposit to hold your kitten is $500.

We are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association), and licensed with U.S. Fish and Wildlife. For the health of our toyger cats and kittens, we only work with USDA accredited veterinarians.  We strive to provide our clients the best quality kittens and professional services.



Address: 106 Willow Rd, Elliston, MT 59728

We are the #1 Top Quality Toyger Cat Breeder in north decoder. We are dedicated to breeding only top quality toyger cats for sale and adoption.

We are recognized worldwide for our top quality Toyger cats and kittens, and our services are professional.